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Batam Trip during the weekends 05/04 - 06/04... Part 2

Continuation of DAY 1...

after checking in... we took a taxi to Nagoya Mall to catch a movie at Studio 21!

the first movie we caught was at 1pm! it was captain america.. the screen, seats & everything was amazing! the sound effects were the one they use in Cathay (Dolby).. the screen was curved a little, it wasn't straight, so people in the side won't feel uncomfortable too.. the seats were like sofa seats! single seats, no couple seats, but that one seat itself was so spacious.. even hubby found the leg space comfortable (cause he always complains about leg space due to his long legs ) it was a good experience.. and it is 100 times better than the ones at JB CS.. 

 they had so much of snack varieties! 
Jason bought nachos, it tasted the same, the only difference is they had cut green chilli in them.. 
i had popcorn! can u imagine? caramel popcorn! was super crunchy & shiok...

after captain america ended, we bought tickets to divergent.. it was at 0545pm.. 


after getting the tickets we walked around Nagoya, saw a lot of shops selling layer cakes.. a lot of food stalls.. than we decided to walk around the hypermarket in the basement, it looks just like our local NTUC.. just like what i read on other blogs, the household items were super cheap.. like SGD $1 u can get so many face wash... not just some random face wash... its those garnier, nivea kinds.. Jason got himself some colognes.. smell was super good :) 

 we went to have A&W after walking around at the hypermarket.. before going, i read in many blogs about the service, food & the place.. but i thought the might have improved.. but to my horror! the food was gross! no root beer float! waffle will take 1 hr to be ready!!! WTF!? i don't remember A&W to be this bad eh... 

My sad hubby! 
Cause no root beer float! 
No worries at least he got to take a picture with the poster of it!

This is just one part of Nagoya. There are 3 parts to it.. Left one stretch, Right one stretch & the middle parts with different levels... Most of the shops at the things they sold were all the same.. We saw alot of shops selling perfumes 3 for 100000RP = 3 for $11 ... the perfumes were all those branded ones.. so i asked one of the shop guy, where Jason bought a watch.. i asked him why was it so cheap.. he actually was very honest.. he said 70% was the original perfume, 30% wasn't, and there was no alcohol added.. and i believed cause i couldn't smell the alcohol.. : D
Jason got himself a watch worth 50 000 RP = $5.70, i got the 3 for $11 perfume... thought of giving 1 to Jen since its her b'day this weekend :)  (YES! I AM A GOOD SISTER IN LAW AFTER ALL :P ) 

Than we still had time to kill so we went to book our massage at Nagoya itself.. 
1hr = $10 per person..  WOW!!! How much cheaper can a full body massage get?

this is where we booked it.. :) 

After booking.. We had another 20mins or so to kill, so we went to the arcade.. it was all for kids! nothing much for adults, so we went to the one in the theater, there were 6 diff kinda racing games, 2 diff kinda shooting games, so jason bought the arcade card! 

  RP 3750 = $0.42 per game eh! 
  in our country it is 2 tokens! 
 1 token itself is $0.50!

After finishing the credits in the card we went to the hall to catch our movies! We had about 10 mins left & our hall was open.. so we visited the wash room! which had spray hot & was clean & dry!! AMAZING!!! Singapore u lose! ;| 

divergent finished exactly at 0755om just nice! our appointment for massage was at 8pm! 
so we made our way there... the ladies who massgaed us were actually very good :) 
they were gently were they need to be and rough where they needed to be.. both jason and me were satisfied.
this is how it looked like.. all curtains.. but got privacy..
no it wasn't prostitution all, there were kids running around! that was the only minus point :/ but before the kids came, the whole environment was so peaceful & light.. they even played some instrumental music.. it was all worth it for $10! in singapore it'll be $45! How wonderful! come, let me clap for u!  

after massage we saw a lot of shops outside Nagoya.. so we made our way there.. the people there were actually very friendly.. we wanted to eat crab.. but sadly no big ones, only those small ones and the shop charged us around SGD$18.. so we said don't want walk around & sat at a satay shop..
i think the satay failed badly! i didn't really like it! i think the Singapore ones are so much better! but it was definitely a different experience on the different types of satay tho! after having our satay, we went to back to our hotel and knocked off! super tired!


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