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I am a simple gal. With a beautiful dream, not knowing if all will come true. Many desires deep within my heart(hopefully I can blog about) not knowing where to go. But because I am a very outspoken & bold I think I managed to climb up certain stairs in my life, which brought light into my life... And now I am progressing =) Well I wouldn't really say simple as have been pampered since young. So ya... I only update my blog once in a blue moon, like a thriller story you know? Excited to know what is in the climax.. LOL... Anyway, hope you enjoy reading my blog! MUAAAAHHH!!!



ON THE 1st DAY of AUGUST itself!!! 

Such a happy occasion on that start of the month itself. 
Isn't that a good sign?

Woke up early for this pandi! 
Love her so much! 
My one and only Cheriya :) 
I believe our Honesty towards each other has just brought us closer together :) 
Such a proud moment! 

Seen this gal go thru so much this 4 years! 
And seeing her graduate has brought so much joy in me :) 
YES i might not have grown up with her or things like that, 
but during her downess(i know there's no such word) 
i was there, seeing her suffer with her mixed emotions, 
so much of confusin & hurt! 
Now a success! 
YEAY for u buddy!!! 

So now her future is set 
All she has to do is believe and take a step forward 
And she'll be reaching the finishing line with a great smile on her face in years to come :)




She is irreplaceable! :D 
Thank God i got to know her 


and new friend I'm getting to know 
a sweet, crazy & honest person :) 
I love honest people!!! 

Tried out some pose i guess 
Nope! No idea on what she was trynna do... 

YUP! Jason came too.. 
Probably it's his proudest moment too.. 
To see how much his lil sister has grown and succeeded in smth! :) 


2 graduation this year! 
Proud of this 2 
2 imortant people in my life 
Am so proud of you guys! 
Keep growing sweet hearts 

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