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I am a simple gal. With a beautiful dream, not knowing if all will come true. Many desires deep within my heart(hopefully I can blog about) not knowing where to go. But because I am a very outspoken & bold I think I managed to climb up certain stairs in my life, which brought light into my life... And now I am progressing =) Well I wouldn't really say simple as have been pampered since young. So ya... I only update my blog once in a blue moon, like a thriller story you know? Excited to know what is in the climax.. LOL... Anyway, hope you enjoy reading my blog! MUAAAAHHH!!!


Peace + Love + Harmony with the love of God

i didn't know praying ytd night would be such an impact in my life.

Cheriya, law & myself decided to meet up & at yishun waterfront to pray for the whole zionitez

sadly law couldn't make it but thanks to technology,

we could do prayer with him over the phone while he's elsewhere solving another issue.

i'm glad he could still join us :D

its an amazing experience actually

we didn't need to see God's flame's of fire coming down from Heaven

or seeing any supernatural things happening

but we knew he was present :)

it was a beautiful moment under the clear star with beautiful stars shining above us

as we started to pray for every individual one by one,

including the lost sheeps & prodigual sons

i personally felt the breakthrough

i think service this coming sunday will be exceptionally gd

the heart to heart talk btw cheriya & me was amazing too

i mean i didn't know i can really talk sense into people

and maybe God was using me to encourage her :)

i really cnt explain the wonderful time we had ytd

it started with loads of emotions actually but with God's peace,

it subsided to alot of love :)

i believe he has placed each & everyone of us at a plc for a reason.

and i'm quite proud of cheriya

she prayed for people name by name

she to the courage to utter words of blessings upon people who have actually hurt her

and that really moved me

as not many will take up the courage to do such things,

first of all i dont think i will -.-"


love this girl alot..

i cnt imagine my life w/o her

she has really impacted my life with her Godly attributes.

i still have more to learn from her :D

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