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I am a simple gal. With a beautiful dream, not knowing if all will come true. Many desires deep within my heart(hopefully I can blog about) not knowing where to go. But because I am a very outspoken & bold I think I managed to climb up certain stairs in my life, which brought light into my life... And now I am progressing =) Well I wouldn't really say simple as have been pampered since young. So ya... I only update my blog once in a blue moon, like a thriller story you know? Excited to know what is in the climax.. LOL... Anyway, hope you enjoy reading my blog! MUAAAAHHH!!!



last week i went to choose my cards and actually i went on a Sunday with my bestman. he saw afew but couldn't really decide which one so we thought we should go home think about and come back. so we went back on tuesday to confirm the cards again with my bestman, confirmed everything and the guy was like we could definetly get it earlier and if the cards arrive earlier, he will give us a call but if it doesnt than we can come down the follwing week which was today to collect.

sadly when we went today it was not ready & the stupid guy never even give us a call to say that it's not ready and to come back following or whatsoever. instead he just apologised & asked to come back the next day which is tomorrow, wednesday. i was quite disappointed actually cause i was expecting it today, i was so excited to get it & to go home & write all the names to give out all. haizz... sadly i couldn't get it. he asked to call tomorrow morning, hopefully its ready. :(

since the card wasn't ready i can only post the sample below...

the full silver card :)

tho the card wasn't ready, my bestman & i went to Milan bridal studio. the kinda dress which i was actually looking for was there... awesome or what...

trying the tube dress out t the studio...
how the dress looks like without the can can... :)

i really loved the dress & am still looking around, but this is definetly my first option :)

i went window shopping at marina square & raffles city with stephen ytd (mon) but couldn't really find anything nice or attractive, in my opinion JB is one best place for bridal shopping. everywhr we turn got bridal shopping place!!! cool eh ;)

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